Escobar Syndrome – A Case Report in A Newborn

Escobar syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive disorder which is also called “multiple pterygium syndrome.” Multiple pterygium syndrome is manifested by two types – lethal and the non-lethal type. The more severe presentation, the lethal multiple pterygium syndrome comprises intrauterine … Continue reading

Diastrophic Dysplasia : A Case Report

Introduction: Diastrophic is a Greek word meaning twisted or tortuous. The term was first used in 1960 for a dysplastic condition of bones.1 Skeletal dysplasias are a heterogeneous group of conditions associated with abnormalities of skeleton, including its shape, size … Continue reading

Management of Biliary Atresia: A Review

Abstract Biliary atresia (BA) is a rare neonatal disease of unknown etiology, where obstruction of the biliary tree causes severe cholestasis, leading to biliary cirrhosis and death in the first years of life, if the condition is left untreated. It … Continue reading

HIV/AIDS in Children: Current Update

Abstract Human immune deficiency virus (HIV) infection leading to acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) has been a major cause of illness and death among children, teens and young adults worldwide. In recent years, HIV infection rates have been increasing rapidly … Continue reading