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Vision & Mission

  • The Society shall endeavor to promoted Scientific knowledge among the members of the Medical profession and advancement in the field of the modern trend of radiology and imaging.
  • To promote professional efficiency of radiologists to maintain and uphold the dignity, honor, welfare and prestige of Radiologists in delivering services to the humanity.
  • To organize lectures, discussions, conferences, seminars for the benefit of the society and patients and public in general.
  • To take measures for the improvement and advancement of under-graduate and post-graduate Medical education in Bangladesh.
  • To assist and co-operate with medical and scientific societies and other allied official and non official organization inside and outside the country.
  • To print, publish, circulate any paper, periodicals, books etc. that the society may deem desirable for the achievement of its objective.
  • To create awareness among public and related persons regarding hazards of radiation and recommend protective measure.